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Legend has it Batman adopted the Darkness, Bane was born into it, but Darkness is Darkness incarnate himself. Legend has it that BlackSnake bit Chuck Norris in the leg. After 3 days of agonizing pain Chuck Norris died. Legend has it the beautiful music of the Siren’s that leads many ships and crews to their doom are actually songs of the majestic Claude. Legend has it that A 2 absorbed his brother A 1 and increased their clappage by 200% Legend has it that B-rian7 funds NerdChics prisma hunting Legend has it that Sneks fangs has healing properties and is being used in COVID-19 Vaccinations Legend has it that Requiem summoned Elder and then Cannahawk and tagged into the 5 pieces of Exodia Legend has it that Ivanchavez clapped Element Sabers so hard they asked to be put on the ban list so they would not have to face him again. Legend has it that Groovy is Austin Powers playing a children’s card game Legend has it that Ehrixx love for BWs is greater than Scrooge McDucks love for money Legend has it that Alita’s bankai has the power to cure world hunger. If she uses it all of humanity would be vanquished Legend has it NECROFEAR reaches his final form when he drinks his second espresso Legend has it Zoni once answered the question to the meaning of life. No one lived to reveal the secret. Legend has it Hocem activated fiendish chain on Exodia Legend has it that the Boogeyman checks his bed for Hoan